About Us

Just as the Emperor Augustus had the desire to make the strength, beauty, and majesty of the Roman Empire live forever, Imperial Stone’s dream is to make your home, or building, eternal by placing the same luxurious and elegant marble that was used to erect ancient and majestic works that have survived to our time, inside it.

Behind the natural beauty of this stone made of unique textures, of fossils full of history, there is a wise work of extraction and processing. For three generations the techniques of mountain processing have been handed down and refined, which, together with the subsequent transformation of the Pietra Imperiale in our factories, are a guarantee for our customers to obtain the best product.


Inspired by the example of Emperor Augustus, we feel the responsibility to contribute to the beauty of the world by offering our customers a thousand-year-old product with extraordinary features and service of absolute excellence.

Michelangelo Coreno - CEO Imperial Stone
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